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Software development is a young profession, and we are still learning the techniques and building the tools to do it effectively.I've been involved in this activity for over three decades and in the last two I've been writing on this website about patterns and practices that make it easier to build useful software.

Long Description

Software Development began as a place to put my writing, but I also use it to publish articles by my colleagues. Software Development is a theme that runs through my work and writing on this site, it's the interplay between the shift toward agile thinking and the technical patterns and practices that make agile software development practical. While the specifics of technology change fast rapidly in our profession, fundamental practices and patterns are more stable. So writing about these allows me to have articles on this site that are several years old but still as relevant as when they were written a long time ago. As software becomes more critical to modern business, software needs to be able to react quickly to changes, allowing new features to be conceived, developed, and put into production rapidly. Agile software development techniques began in the 1990s and became more popular in the last decade. Software Development is focused on a flexible approach to planning, which allows software products to change direction as the users' needs change and as product managers learn more about how to make their users effective. While widely accepted now, agile approaches are not easy, requiring significant skills for a team, but more importantly a culture of open collaboration within and with a team's partners. This need to respond fluently to changes has an important impact on the architecture of a software system. The software needs to be built in such a way that it can adapt to unexpected changes in features. Developing software that has a good architecture isn't something that can be done the first time. developing good software needs regular revisions as programmers learn more about what the product needs to do and how best to design the product to achieve its goals. Customization is an essential technique to allow a program to be changed safely. It consists of making customized software that doesn't alter the observable behavior of the software. By combining lots of customise, developers can revise the software's structure supporting significant modifications that weren't planned when the system was first conceived.

Bullets Points

Planning and Analysis

Collecting and understanding client needs and end-user requirements.Assessing technical, operational, and financial feasibility. Defining project scope and timelines.


Developing high-level architecture and design. Creating detailed designs for components and data flow diagrams.Designing user interfaces and experiences for usability and accessibility.


Building a version with a modeling device that makes use of a modeling language like SysML or UML to behavior early validation, prototyping and simulation of the layout.


Constructing code in an appropriate programming language. Involves peer and group evaluate.


Testing with pre-deliberate situations as a part of software program layout and coding ..


Managing configuration and defects to recognize all of the software program artifacts and construct.

Tools and Technologies Choosing or building

Choosing or constructing an structure because the underlying shape inside which the software..

Best Practices

Deploying the software program to be used and responding to and resolving person issues..

Soft Skills

Migrating information to the brand new or up to date software program from present programs or information reassets if necessary..

Emerging Trends

Managing and measuring the mission to keep excellent and transport over the software lifecycle, and to assess the improvement.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

AI permits software program to emulate human decision-making and learning. Neural networks, device learning..

Low code:

Forrester defines low code as: “Products and/or cloud offerings for software improvement that hire visual,

Cloud-local improvement

Cloud-local improvement is a manner of constructing programs to take advantage of cloud environments. A cloud-local software includes discrete..

Model Based Systems

In Software program modeling languages are used to carry out early prototyping, simulation and evaluation...

Cover Picture

The user can change or remove the Cover Picture, the feature Dynamic for the user. The user can enjoy the feature Dynamic Cover for users to change Cover of the profile.

Profile Picture

The user can change or remove the Profile Picture, the feature Dynamic for the user. The user can enjoy the feature Dynamic Profile for users to change Profile picture of the profile.

User Privacy

The user can Control who can message you, post on your timeline, follow you, confirm follow requests or not, last seen, etc. Now the user can feel the privacy here.

User Profile Info

Now User can Display user’s profile information (birthday, website, gender, social media, about, last seen, etc) and can be visible to the other users


This is a very good feature of the application, the user receives the notification from users (likes, dislikes, comments, wonders, shares ... etc).


Displays trending and related topics shared by users here. The users can see the #Hashtags. This is very good feature. You can as a greate feature of the social.


The user can see and use the @Mentions, this use @username to tag people in a status or messages. The users like this feature, this is very easy to use in the application.

Post Publisher

The user can use the Post Publisher feature for Status, Sound cloud, YouTube, Vine, Google Maps, Videos, Files, Photos and emoticons.

Delete & Edit Posts

The user can post, delete and edit his own posts and not of others, this is very feature for the social media members to hide their mistakes, can do it.

Save Posts

The user can save posts to view them later. If the users can use the facility when the user are busy in other works. After getting free they can see it.

User Events

The user can create events and share the events, the event is very good feature of the social, the user can share their events like feelings/travailing/watching/playing/listening

Recent Search

What ever the user was looking for, all will be saved into recent searches with the ability to clear them. This is very good feature for the social networking.

Post Privacy

Privacy is the most important feature of a social network, the user can choose the post privacy (Only me, Everyone.. etc). This is given in the setting and enabled while posting.


The user can Like or unlike a post. The user can View list of people who like this and the user can Dislike a post. View list of people who dislike this.

Comments & Replies

The user can give comment on a post, Reply to a comment, View all post comments. Which is the most exciting feature of the application to show your outlooks to your friends.


Search is the most important feature of any website, Search for people, #Hashtags with our filtered search system. This is very good feature for the social networking.


Reports is the most important feature of any website, Report posts to be checked by administrators. This is very good feature for the social networking.

Live Chat

Real-time live chat system is the most exciting feature of social networking, see the online or offline status. Which is the most exciting feature of the application.

User Activities

The user can see the other users activities likes, shares,comments, wonders etc. Which is the most exciting feature of the application to know the status their friends.

Multi Languages

We provide Multi Languages support, we support 4 Languages (Arabic, English, Russian, Turkish) with the ability to add unlimited languages. This is very good feature.

Other Features

Verified Profiles/Pages. Fully responsive for all devices, browsers. Password recovery by email. Online user counter on admin & home page. Comment auto detector, Emoticons.

Admin Dashboard

The admin has very good dashboard with full statics with charts analyzing the site information. With a help of which the admin can have monitoring on the activities.

General Settings

The General Settings of the application are editable, the admin can update general settings of website. Which is the most exciting feature of the application for admin

Site settings and theme

The admin can update site settings like name,title,keywords.. etc. and the dynamic theme system is available can change the change the whole layout of the website.


Advertisements are the good source of income, the blocks have been provided to display ads on your websites. So this is also a good feature being a good source of income.

Manage Reports

The admin can Manage Reports with the features like view reported posts, mark them as safe or delete. So this is also a good feature for the admin analyse the statistics of the website.

Manage Users

The admin can Manage Users and perform the activities like View, edit, verify, reset password, delete users. Which is the good feature of the application for security.

Manage Posts and Games

The admin can View and delete posts. Admin can Add and edit games on easy way from the admin panel. This is very good feature for the admin where admin is able to do so.

Mailing List

With our mailing list system the can send their message to all registered users in just one click!, this is very good feature for the admin to interect with all the users in one click.


The admin can Write, edit, delete, active, and inactive your announcements. This is the most exciting feature of the application Which makes the admin to manage announcements.

Google analytics

Google analytics are very necessary to manage the application for its usability, and track the actions of the users. The admin can add, edit their Google analytics code.

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