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If you’re creating an online store, remember: Your product pages are crucial. They are the heart of any ecommerce website and the most powerful way to transform visitors into customers.You should spend more time working on your product pages than your homepage, About page, or other parts of your store. Refine the basic features of your product pages—the images, descriptions, and interactive elements that highlight your product’s benefits and convince a visitor to buy.When you build product pages with an ecommerce platform like Shopify, you have a wealth of design options at your fingertips. To help you make the right decisions and inspire your next product page design, here are some of the best product page examples out there, along with explanations of why they work so well. Let’s look at some of the best product pages built using Shopify to see how they tell persuasive product stories, connect with customers, and drive sales.

Key Features

Messaging and Platform

Candidates typically define their message and platform, outlining their policies, priorities, and vision for the future. This forms the central theme of their campaign.

Campaign Team

Candidates assemble a team of professionals including campaign managers, strategists, communications experts, fundraisers, and volunteers.


Candidates need substantial funds to run an effective campaign. They engage in fundraising efforts through events, direct solicitations, and increasingly, online platforms.


Campaigns utilize various forms of advertising such as TV commercials, radio ads, print media, and increasingly, digital and social media advertising to reach voters.

Rallies and Events

Candidates hold rallies, town hall meetings, and other public events to connect with voters, energize supporters, and communicate their message directly.

Ground Game

This involves the grassroots efforts of a campaign, including canvassing neighborhoods, phone banking, and organizing volunteers to mobilize supporters and get out the vote.

Debates and Public Forums

Candidates participate in debates and public forums where they discuss their policies, engage in discussions with opponents, and answer questions from moderators.

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