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Do you want to present your brand in a way that is distinctive and unique? Do you want to raise awareness of your product with emotionally charged, memorable brand experiences? Then you’ve come to the right team! We’ll not only handle the project planning and implementation of your promotional campaign, but we’ll also deliver our Vidibox and the Vidicube as unique presentation tools.

How It Works

The best quality, price, and availability of the product are a number of the essential worries of the clients even as shopping; due to the fact patron has a huge variety of choices, and additionally they aware about the cheating companies and investors who're obtainable to trick them. Here comes the function of branding which informs approximately the employer’s service or product lengthy earlier than they make the purchase. It saves clients from being tricked via way of means of companies and additionally saves their treasured time. Online Product promotion is the procedure wherein the employer makes a specialty of its precise service or product. The procedure starts with the concept of the precise, advertising and marketing studies is carried out primarily based totally on the patron’s want and advertising and marketing call for analysis. Then the advertising and marketing of the product start to sell a selected product.

Key Features


Advertising is an advertising communique that employs a brazenly sponsored, non-non-public message to sell or promote..

Sales Promotion

An income advertising is an advertising approach in which a commercial enterprise will use short-time period campaigns to spark..

Direct Marketing

Direct advertising is a shape of speaking an offer, in which companies speak without delay to a pre-decided on ...


Publicity exposure is the general public visibility or cognizance for any product, carrier, or employer. It may additionally seek..

Public Relations

Public relations (PR) is the exercise of handling and disseminating facts from a person or an employer to the general public so that it will affect ...


For Business offers you modern information, marketing and marketing tips, satisfactory practices, and case research for the use of Facebook to satisfy your ..

Social media

Social media your proportion on social media must be a weblog publish or article. Get your target market speaking and tasty with each other with..

Friends & Follow System

This application provides a very strong Friends & Follow System, this is very good and user friendly utility. This application Supports friends system like Facebook, follow system like twitter.


Upgrading is the system of changing a product with a more recent model of the equal product. In computing and client electronics an improvement is usually a ..

Blog Post

A weblog publish is any article, information piece, or manual it's posted withinside the weblog segment of a website.

Customer Review

A consumer evaluation is an evaluation of services or products made with the aid of using a consumer who has bought and used...

Exclusive Preview

Exclusive Preview lets you check the marketplace earlier than making an investment in a complete advertising campaign. Useful links.

Personal Selling

This is the head-to-head communique system that takes place among a consumer ​and the store's income representative...

Social Videos Support

User can easily share videos from the biggest videos sharing websites like Youtube, Dailymotion, Vine, Vimeo, Facebook videos & Soundcloud music.

Photo Album

The user can create unlimited photo albums with nice looking style. Which is the most exciting feature of the application to show your outlooks to your friends.

Cover Picture

The user can change or remove the Cover Picture, the feature Dynamic for the user. The user can enjoy the feature Dynamic Cover for users to change Cover of the profile.

Profile Picture

The user can change or remove the Profile Picture, the feature Dynamic for the user. The user can enjoy the feature Dynamic Profile for users to change Profile picture of the profile.

User Privacy

The user can Control who can message you, post on your timeline, follow you, confirm follow requests or not, last seen, etc. Now the user can feel the privacy here.

User Profile Info

Now User can Display user’s profile information (birthday, website, gender, social media, about, last seen, etc) and can be visible to the other users


This is a very good feature of the application, the user receives the notification from users (likes, dislikes, comments, wonders, shares ... etc).


Displays trending and related topics shared by users here. The users can see the #Hashtags. This is very good feature. You can as a greate feature of the social.


The user can Like or unlike a post. The user can View list of people who like this and the user can Dislike a post. View list of people who dislike this.

Comments & Replies

The user can give comment on a post, Reply to a comment, View all post comments. Which is the most exciting feature of the application to show your outlooks to your friends.


Search is the most important feature of any website, Search for people, #Hashtags with our filtered search system. This is very good feature for the social networking.


Reports is the most important feature of any website, Report posts to be checked by administrators. This is very good feature for the social networking.

Live Chat

Real-time live chat system is the most exciting feature of social networking, see the online or offline status. Which is the most exciting feature of the application.

User Activities

The user can see the other users activities likes, shares,comments, wonders etc. Which is the most exciting feature of the application to know the status their friends.

Multi Languages

We provide Multi Languages support, we support 4 Languages (Arabic, English, Russian, Turkish) with the ability to add unlimited languages. This is very good feature.

Other Features

Verified Profiles/Pages. Fully responsive for all devices, browsers. Password recovery by email. Online user counter on admin & home page. Comment auto detector, Emoticons.

Admin Dashboard

The admin has very good dashboard with full statics with charts analyzing the site information. With a help of which the admin can have monitoring on the activities.

General Settings

The General Settings of the application are editable, the admin can update general settings of website. Which is the most exciting feature of the application for admin

Site settings and theme

The admin can update site settings like name,title,keywords.. etc. and the dynamic theme system is available can change the change the whole layout of the website.


Advertisements are the good source of income, the blocks have been provided to display ads on your websites. So this is also a good feature being a good source of income.


With the help of given images you can u understand it

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